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Got a bit of an odd problem with my card, an EVGA GTX1070 FTW. I have recently got myself a 4K TV in the room with my PC, so for the odd game I want to play with controller from the sofa I decided to run a short HDMI to the TV, simple.

The TV is a 4K HRD ready TV, so thought I would switch on all the bells and whistles with my PC. I set the PC to only display on the TV and turned on HDR and set the res to 4K.

Then while playing on the TV the signal goes black for a second or two, then comes back for a few min, then goes again, then comes back for some amount of time (anything from 1-15min) then black, then back, then black etc.

I figured maybe its the HDMI cable, not up to snuff. So cut the resolution in half and turned off HDR. Still had the same problem.

For tits and pickles, I decided to use a displayport to HDMI adaptor and try one of the display port connections on my card rather than the HDMI. That was about 2-3 days ago and I havent had a signal drop out since, for some reason on Hitman I still cant get HDR working but I am playing away happily at 4K 60Hz using a display port to HDMI adaptor and the same HDMI cable as before.

Any ideas? A bad HDMI port on the card?


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PCs can be set to parameters that exceed the HDMI 2.0 standard as monitors can exceed that spec via displayport.

So check your graphics settings.

4K 60 4:4:4 HDR

Exceed 18gbps and you get issues over HDMI but not displayport.

Displayport to HDMI will convert the output so thats probably why there are no issues going that way.


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What settings? I had it set to 60Hz 4K resolution and enabled HDR - no bueno, then I changed to 2K 60Hz and disabled HDR - Still no bueno.

TV I am using is a 7 series Samsung QLED


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What settings? I had it set to 60Hz 4K resolution and enabled HDR - no bueno, then I changed to 2K 60Hz and disabled HDR - Still no bueno.

TV I am using is a 7 series Samsung QLED

Graphics card settings.
Specifically relating to deep color , bit depth , and chroma sampling,
So 8 , 10 , or 12bit and 4.2.0 , 4.2.2, or 4.4.4. ....that type of thing.
See attached screenshot of the menu....


First step is to set to 1080p at 60fps , 8 bit, 4.2.0 , no should handle that fine.....then step up from there to find the limit.

The link I posted above lays out the combos that should work for UHD with HDR to a TV.
It also lays out the combos that wont work.
If you have all the “bells and whistles” turned on in your GFX settings it definitely wont work, not over HDMI to a TV anyway.
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This might be related to the issue I've had on and off and came to the conclusion it was down to the Nvidia drivers: Question - Issues with NVidia drivers

I'm currently running with one from the end of last year and no issues on either of my screens.
What can fix it sometimes is running a game in a boarderless window, I ended up using a freebie app to switch it on and off, something like this:
Windowed Borderless Gaming

Furnace Inferno

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It should auto-detect the capabilities of the display anyway and not let you switch to something it can’t handle, mine does anyway. If it’s blacking out there’s definitely a bandwidth issue somewhere.

As for Hitman HDR, it’s fudgeed plan and simple, it simply doesn’t work after one of the updates. All I could get was a black screen as soon as HDR was activated anywhere so don’t waste your time with that one.

Forza 7/Horizon 4, FFXV, ME:Andromeda, AC:Origins of what I’ve tried all work perfectly fine though but most need you to activate HDR in display settings to work in-game rather than letting you toggle which isn’t ideal.

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