Strange network problem with MacBook


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I'm hoping to get some help/advice with the following problem. I have an intel based MacBook running OS 10.4.11. Up until very recently, it has been working just fine on the wireless network here and also when connected straight into the LAN.

Recently however, its has become very show on the netowrk - both when on wireless and connected via cable. The other computers here (3 PC's) are not experiencing any problems accessing webpages and with file transfers internally.

The problem is that when you try and access a website it takes ages to find the page, saying "looking up....". When it eventually does find the site, the access is chronically slow. This is very frustrating and there's no explanation to it, since all other computers on the network are fine. I recently re-installed the OS all all applications on the Mac, since it was getting a bit clogged up and in the hope that this will cure the problem.

The only recent changes I have made to the network is the addition of a Draytec Vigor 2950 Security VPN Router that sits between the ADSL modem and switch. This has not effected any of the other computers on the network.

Can anybody give me pointers as to what the hell the likely cause of this is?

Many thanks, Dan


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Summarise what you see on SystemPreferences>Network. I am guessing you have a DNS or DHCP issue.


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Is anybody able to give me some help with this problem please? Its getting very frustrating!

Thanks, Dan


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As CamFire said, we need more info on how your Mac is connecting to your network.

Have you tried removing the VPN thingy you installed to see if that's causing the problem? 99.9% of the time a problem like this is caused by the either a new piece of kit or a bit of software you just installed.
It's problem solving 101 to remove the most recent addition to see if the problem goes away.


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Best way to check what the problem is by switch off all the other computers,
so only the Macbook is connected to the internet through wifi or router,

then check to see how the speed is???

also are you using safari???

if so try another browser like Firefox just to check that it isn't safari causing you the problems...


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yea, problem is any internet access, Safari, Facebook and checking e-mail. No problem with the PC's, both desktop and laptop

I'm on the brink of dumping this usless MacBook, this and other problems are driving me mad.


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