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Hi guys i have a panny 42" PA20 which is superb and i have no problem with terstrial or sky+ however i also pucased a panny scht900 dvd system.

The problem i have noticed is when playing a dvd i can see a horizontal band float down the screen like a shadow, it is there when the dvd is paused or on menu. I also get some interference when i press the chapter skip button.

Generally the picture is fine but occasionaly i notice this horizontal shadow and i then cannot stop looking for it. I am using component cables (Not the best make i might add) and i have also tried using the rgb scart but see the same effect.

I have heard of problems with earthing or something or do i need new cables.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Cheers Lee

Geordie Jester

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Hi Lee,

You have nearly the same setup as me and I have the same problem. I raised it here...


Does this describe what you are seeing too ?

It seems that the problem might be a hum-bar. I think that is something that is introduced by noise/pickup from something else..... hardware/cable etc.

Hum Bar - Image defect typically caused by the presence of a ground loop in a system, resulting in a rolling bar of distortion on a display. Hum Bars can usually be eliminated by either resolving the AC power problem that is causing the ground loop or by using a ground loop isolator, such as the DA1905GL.

I havent had much chance to play around with the setup, but I suspect it is going to be something to do with the bog-standard mains cables/four-ways that im using.

Im just hoping that it is not the dvd player that is to blame as we both have the same one


Hi mate, its sounds exactly the same. I have a 4 way extension that everything is plugged into. I too hope its not the DVD system because its great apart from this phenomina. I will be playing around with my system this weekend so i will try different leads, plugs etc. I doubt i will get anywhere but i will give it a go.

There must be a few others that have found a cure for this.

I have posted this in the all in one section but its pretty quiet in there.


No luck as yet i have disconnected everything and leaving only the dvd player and the plasma on i get the hum bar when playing any type of disk. I have tried using different electrical sockets, different cables scart RGB and component.

I removed the dreaded ariel lead with no effect.

I cannot watch a dvd now because when i spot the bar scrolling down the screen it becomes more pronounced and i just follow it instead of the movie.

I will give Panasonic a bell on Monday and see if they have had problems with this model of dvd player before as i am plumb out of ideas



Have you tried removing the earth from the dvd players plug?

Try it, if it works it's an earth loop problem, Panasonic TV always have some kind of earth loop/tuner breakthrough problem.


Tried that, though it worked for all of 5 mins but then i spotted it and i thought bugger.

I just plugged in my old dvd player and have no hum bar with that so its got to be the panny all in one sytem that is causing the issue not the screen. I suppose i will have to call an engineer out.

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