Strange Michell Technoarm anti-skate behavior...


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Hi all.
I have a Michell GyroSE with Technoarm fitted.
Up to these days I was using a Grado Reference Sonata with 1,5 gram VTF and worked fine.
A few days ago I changed the cartridge to a Denon DL-304 which uses a downforce of only 1.2 grams.
But I have noticed that bias adjustment (anti-skating force) is not working well. If the arm is at rest, then when moving it on the beginning of the record and all the way to the last track, it behaves like it has a lot of anti-skating force applied, (no matter how bias setting is, even at 0) causing the needle to stick to some points, or in other words truing to move the arm backwards.

But, if prior to listening, from arm rest I get the arm, move it by hand up and beyond the platter spindle and return it for playback, antiskate force is not applied and the cartridge plays fine in the grooves. This strange behavior is always happening and I must always, prior to listening, first move the arm above the record to the spindle and then back in the beginning of the record, otherwise a LOT of anti-skate force is applied even with 0 (zero) bias setting.

The only change from before cartridge replacement is a change on the tonearm cable position, from the back of the Gyro to the right side of it.

I have read that anti-skate force on the Technoarm is magnetically applied.

Is there something wrong with the magnets, and basically, something that you can advise me to do on it;



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I was speaking to Michell about tracking and they said you need to make sure the Technoarm cable exits at the "10 o'clock" position when looking from above, so I think that might be your problem. You can phone them direct - they are very helpful! good luck :smashin:


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Thank's Ambo.
I tried yesterday to move the cable to the position it was prior cartridge change (around 12:00-13:00 from above the table) but not any improvement.
Will try Michell's suggestion tonight, though at that position I have to move the phono preamplifier way back in the rack for the cable to fit.
Hope it will solve the problem.


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Well, it doesn't matter where the tonearm cable is located.
I checked very carefully the tonearm action consicering bias force which is as below:

If I lift the tonearm from arm rest and move it left towards the inner part of the record, the antiskate force is applied, with even 0 setting having some kind of force and gradually becoming more, the more I set the anti-skate dial towards max (3). This force can move outwards the arm very slowly at 0 and faster at 3 the arm even if it sits on the lifting mechanism's pad.
But, if I move a little back the arm towards the outer part of the record, maybe one-two lateral movements inwards-outwards, no matter closer to the spindle or above the songs center area, then the anti-skate force collapses and no force can be felt on the arm.
I have to return the arm back to it's rest position and then moving it towards the record it gains again the bias force.

As I have read across the web, the anti-skate force on Rega arms is magnetically applied, and on my arm looks like moving the arm left-right above the record collapses this force. If just moving it from arm rest towards the disc center without even a slight back move, the bias force remains strong (though too much) all the way to the spindle.

Sometimes a simple back movement destroys the bias force, sometimes I have to move it right-left 2-3 times.

Is my arm faulty or is this a Rega common behavior;

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