Strange Magic Remote problem


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My parents have an LG TV, unsure which model but it's larger than my 55"and has Atmos built in (and is totally wasted on them and their standard Netflix package and yes they should give it to me šŸ˜).
However the remote power button has stopped working.
It still lights up when you press it but nothing happens.
All the other buttons work as they should.

I replaced the batteries

I reset the remote and paired it to the TV

No change.
Very odd, can't figure it out. A Google search didn't answer the problem either.

Has anyone heard of this before or experienced it?


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No, but it might be worth getting a spare standard LG remote from eBay. That's what I did. I'm not that much of a fan of the magic remote, and I find it a bit irritating, hence the standard remote.

If the magic remote has died, or at least the power button has, a standard remote would be a cheaper replacement option for your folks. Even if the remote is under warranty, you'll need another remote whilst the magic remote is being looked at, unless your parents can be supplied with a brand new replacement.

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