Strange LED Strip Glitches (power supply related)


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Hi, I am running two RGB LED strips in my bedroom at the moment. Both of which work fine on static colours, however when I change to a certain colour/mode, they both tend to play up. I am connecting both of these up to USB power supplies that are rated at 5V 2.0A.

LED Strip No. 1
This is a 12v LED strip, which is just about under 2 meters in length. This worked fine using the original 12v adapter that came with it, however I recently purchased a 5v > 12v converter that connects by USB (to free up some cabling and get rid of a large power supply that overlaps other sockets in an extension lead). Using this converter, for some strange reason, all of the static colours work fine, even when set to 100% brightness. However when I dim the brightness one click on some of the more whiter colours or change it to a colour switching mode (i.e. Jump or Fade), the LED strip flashes white and then powers off completely. The only way to restore power is to plug in the original 12v power adapter that came with it and set the strip back to a static colour on 100% brightness.

LED Strip No. 2
This is a 5v USB LED strip, which is 1 meter in length. This works completely fine when the attatched USB cable is connected directly into a USB power supply. However when I connect it to a 5M USB extension cable, for some reason when I select certain colours, the LED strip crashes, meaning that no colours or settings can be changed via the remote. I then have to connect the LED strip back up without the USB extension cable in order to change the colour back.

The issue with the 12v LED strip doesn't bother me too much as I like to have that set on a static red, however I would still like the full functionality (especially after spending £8 on the USB converter) and don't understand why this is happening. Could this be because it is not receiving enough power??? Then again, if that was so, why would 100% brightness work fine, but not 90% and lower? Could it be a faulty converters or extension cables perhaps? Please could anybody else with any ideas or knowledge about these things help me understand what is going off here?

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