Strange issue with Audyssey and 3400h


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I have a weird issue with this that I thought I would share in case others have it.

Firstly when setting up the amplifier, I thought the surround sound was broken. For some reason the rear speakers (and therefore surround sound) would only work if I selected "Dynamic Volume" to anything other than "off". I thought this a bit strange, but it was easy to set to light and the surround sound worked.

Recently though, I am losing surround sound every time the Amp is switched off, or to a different input.

The way to get this back is to cycle Dynamic EQ to off, then back to on. This will regain surround sound until either it is switched off, or a different input selected.

The settings I use for Audyssey are:

MultiEQ: Reference
Dynmic EQ: On
Reference level offset: 5db
Dynamic Volume: Light
Audyssey LFC: Off

I am going into the menu to manually change this but if anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated.


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