Strange Invaders Soundtrack Review

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      Please be aware, folks, that, as usual, this score-review will be very detailed and spoiler-heavy as we go through it track-by-track.

      Of all the worlds in all the galaxies in all the universe … why did they pick this one?

      Somewhere on his body, director/writer Michael Laughlin has birthmarks reading “cult” and “niche”. His first two films in what would go on to become a promised “strange” trilogy, Strange Behaviour (aka Dead Kids) and Strange Invaders would also appear to be the only two in it … so far. The spy-spoof The Adventures of Phillip Strange never managed to find the funds to become realised, and Laughlin would only go on to direct one more movie since this quirky, but memorable beginning, 1986’s Mesmerized with Jodi Foster and John Lithgow, whereas his screenwriting buddy on these two movies, Bill Condon, would...

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