Strange HD picture break up


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Hi all. Looking for some advice. I moved into a new build a year ago and had a new aerial installed which has an 8 way amp which feeds a youview box in the lounge.

All was well until one day we lost all the BBC channels. The electrician came out and said the amp was faulty and replaced. All was well again. 1 month later we are having terrible reception problems on mainly HD channels. Our signal strength seems to show as around 50% strength and 100% quality but every now and again (if a car passes or plane fly's over) this shoots to 0% momentarily and picture breaks up.

I seem to have temporarily eliminated the problem by connecting the lounge only aerial feed direct to the aerial (bypassing the amp). This is not ideal as I can only use one TV and signal is too weak for the itv+1 and challenge TV channels of this world.

Do you think it's worth buying a new amplifier? Many state that they are screened and filtered against interference. I'm assuming it's the amp that is causing the fluctuations in signal.

Any thoughts would help!


Nathan Cooke

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Sounds like an aerial problem or poor connections if some channels are still not good enough. An amplifier should not cause signal fluctuations and two should not go faulty in a year.

Don't use an electrician for aerial problems, they generally know little about it, use an aerial installer.


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Where do you live? What is your local transmitter. Is it possible that your box has tuned in the non preferred transmitter?
and signal is too weak for the itv+1 and challenge TV channels of this world.
Do you mean when the aerial is connected direct to the box?


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I'll check but youview does ask for your postcode on setup. I live in Exeter and should be pointing to stockland hill.

Yes I do mean when connected direct to the aerial. All the main channels work really well but the also ran channels are only coming up at about 20% signal strength. HD channels are 45%. With the amp connected these shoot up to 45% and 62% respectively but suffer from interference.

I'm convinced the booster in the loft is at fault.


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Get a decent local aerial guy to take a look. This sounds like an aerial issue to me (alignment, water ingress). Only once you've confirmed that the aerial is doing its stuff is it worth investigating the distribution side of the problem.


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