strange fault with my TV



over the last week my Philips 28" 6615 has developed a weird fault

when i first switch on the colours are strange, sometimes it has a red tint other times green or blue, if i put the tv on stand by for 20 secs or so and then turn back on everthing is fine. and it will be ok all day until i turn it off

any ideas. its really peeing me off as i was going to sell it in a couple of weeks to get a new 36" Tosh :(
Do you turn your TV off properly each night or do you just leave it on standby all the time? It's usually necessary to turn off TV properly on a regular basis so that it will degauss when it is then turned on. This might just be a degaussing issue.
i turn it off fully every night, in the morning when i turn it back on thats when i get the problem, if i then put it on standby and then back on again everything is fine.

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