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Strange E85 Behaviour


Active Member
Recorded Alias last night on my E85 from a standard sky digital box. I do not have an arial connected to the machine.

Went to check the recording this morning and found that it had been titled! Now I was aware the machine could do this from an RF source, but where does it get the title from on an RGB source? And why hasn't it happened in the 8 months odd that I've had the E85 already?


Was it Channel 5? Cos I've noticed that too.. but only when recording from that channel.

Fred Smith

Well-known Member
Actually the E85 gets the title from Teletext so it can work on an AV source. Although I've only found it to work with a non Sky digital receiver and an analogue satellite receiver as I don't have an aerial connected either.

Maybe there are changes at Five? A good move if so.


Active Member
That would solve the bain of my recording life - having to name each recording


Well-known Member
I know how you feel.

Strange that you can record the title on the old danalog system but not on the digital!
I would of thought that it would be asy for broadcasters to do.

An even better optin woul dbe to record the info on the programme too.


Active Member
Fred Smith said:
Actually the E85 gets the title from Teletext so it can work on an AV source.

I didn't think the teletext signal was carried through sky digital.

Normally automatic titling would indeed be a boon, but in this case I was numbering the episodes for archiving purposes, so I'll need to delete the title anyway!

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