Strange delay with Digihome Remote


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Oct 29, 2010
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I have a digihome pvr and a samsung series 5 TV. I have avery puzzling problem with the remote control and hope you can help.

After switching the TV on, I am unable to control anything on the pvr for about 5 mins, then suddenly it will all start working.

It works fine without the TV being on, and it works even during the short delay period as the TV is being switched on. But once the TV screen fires up, the remote control signal seems to die for a 5 minute period.

The same problem occurs whether I use the multi-remote, or separate remotes for the TV and pvr. (The tV remote will wrk fine to switch the TV on, but then the pVR remote will freeze).

Here's the really puzzling thing - I even disconnected the TV from the PVR box, and it still happened. Any ideas whats going on?!

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