strange colour problem with 37 px600 when connecting up dvd player to av 2


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Looking for some advice with this problem. What is happening is that the picture is not showing a proper picture on watching dvd's. Its almost like some of the colours are not displaying so its all one colour that is on display. Bit like 16 bit colour on a pc.

Now I have tried a different dvd player in there along with different cable into av2 and still same issue.

Upstairs dvd will work in av 1 but not in av 2
Downstairs dvd will not work in any av port or component.

I can put sky plus into av 2 and sky is ok

Now the xbox 360 works fine in av 3 so I no i dont have an issue with xbox 360 or sky in any of the av ports.

I have tried scart from back of dvd's into component and still have same issue with 16 bit type colour problem on one dvd player or all green on the other dvd player on the set.

I cant think for the life of me what I am doing wrong.

Anyone who owns a 37px600 able to advise where I may be going wrong? I think there must be a setting or something I have not got right.

Thanks in advance.


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Check you havent set AV2 to AV2 S mode (S meaning S-VHS). It's all too easy to accidentally do this by pressing the green button on the remote control twice.

The reason that Sky may be OK on the same scart input is because your Sky box is set to RGB mode.

Can't think what else could cause this unless you have set the DVD player to NTSC or something strange, and this particular set wont display it (very unlikely).

Nope - going to stick with my first theory - AV2 is set to AV2S mode !

To check / change it back to AV2, press AND HOLD the green button till the OSD (on screen display) changes to AV2.

Let us know how you get on


Emjay, just to let you know this has been an enormous help to me with my 42" Panny. I had started to get anxious about the apparent problem with AV2 but thankfully discovered your post before embarking on the warranty repair minefield. You were spot on - it was set to AVS, took me 3 seconds to sort out. :smashin:

Thanks very much pal.

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