strange behavior on Pioneer 464 ?



Did anyone experience this problem I read on Home Cinema Choice november issue?:

..." On the downside, the logic control of
the player is slow and ponderous; turn
the player on from standby and try to
open the disc tray before the welcome
note and company logo disappear from
the display and the player doesn’t seem
to know what to do. The tray stoically
refuses to open and the player even
turns itself off on occasion such is its
confusion. Ask it to perform basic
functions in quick succession, such as
opening and closing the tray, and the
delay is interminable ". ...

yeah, i get that with my 360, which is the same player. they only way to get around it is by turning the player on with the eject button on the actual player. that way the tray opens straight away.
Never tried it on my 565 ,i do what weyland-yutani does ,i allways turn the player on with the open button anyway.

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