Strange audio issues with Atmos from Xbox to AV receiver


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Looking for some help as have tried everything I know of and can’t seem to pinpoint the root of the problem.

I’ll firstly run through my setup and equipment.

TV: Samsung 75 inch 4K with Atmos
AV receiver: Yamaha RX-V581 with Atmos
Media Streamer: Xbox One S and Amazon Fire TV cube
Speaker config: FL / C / FR / SL / SR / FPL / FPR (both presence speakers are Atmos enabled)

Both media streaming devices are connected via HDMI 2.0 cables into the receiver and the TV is connected to the receiver’s HDMI OUT on eArc. So the receiver is pulling in all signals and sending to the TV.

My issue is a weird one. Here are the scenarios:

1. if I play any media from the TV source, everything works fine (although this is not preferable since some of Samsung’s steaming apps don’t support Atmos.

2. if I play any Atmos enabled movies either from the apps on the Xbox or the fire tv cube, everything works fine.

3. the moment I select YouTube on either of the streaming devices, my Center channel goes missing, and the dialogue is muffled on both FL and FR. (note, if I do the same thing on the TV source with YouTube, the sound is fine and comes out of the Center channel). The audio issue of no Center channel is only happening with the YouTube app on the streaming devices. Even non Atmos movies sound fine.

Ive tried changing all settings on both the Xbox, the fire tv and the av receiver but to no avail.

On Xbox audio settings are:

HDMi Audio: Bitstream Out
Optical Audio: Off
Bitstream Format: Dolby Atmos for home theater

On Fire TV cube audio settings are:

Surround sound: Best available
(No other options that i can see)

On the Yamaha AV receiver:

1. Speaker configuration:
Power amp assign: presence
Front: large
Center: large
Surround: small
Presence: large
Layout: Dolby enabled Sp

I’ll add that I only bought the Amazon Fire cube today to test whether the problem lay with the Xbox one S but it’s doing exactly the same. Great sound on streaming movies. No Center channel on YouTube and muffled dialogue on FL and FR channels.

The only thing I will say is that if I switch the power amp assign to BI-AMP (as my FL / C / FR speakers have bi-amp terminals) then suddenly my Center channel erupts and dialogue is heard beautifully on YouTube. But I obviously don’t want to change the power amp assignment from presence as I want to use my Dolby Atmos presence speakers.

Completely at a loss as I can’t find the root of the issue. All cables are 2.0. All devices support Dolby Atmos. And everything hooked up correctly I believe.

Help please?


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It sounds like you have one of the audio effects turned on, try using the pure direct option on the amp.

On a side note, why do you have your speakers set to large?


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Thanks for the reply. I have actually tried both large and small but no difference. So I have left them on large. I don’t actually have any DSP settings running as the audio is set to Straight so it’s using the native audio source (well it is for everything but YouTube it seems). I have just now tried the Pure Direct and no change. Still no Center channel dialogue.


You Tube is a stereo only service.


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You Tube is a stereo only service.
Correct. But when played through TV app directly to receiver, the receiver simulates 5.1. But as mentioned, through the streaming devices (Xbox and fire), Center channel goes missing unless amp assignment is set to Bi Amp. Was working fine until I set up Atmos.

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