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Strange Alpine sub conenctions. Any ideas?


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Hi all,

First post after lurking for way too long. Hope I can get some advise.

Here's my system:
Alpine CDE 113BTHAL
JBL GTO 6ch amp
JBL GTO Components (front)
JBL GTO Coaxials (rear)
JBL GTO 12" sub

Today I decided to do a better job of the install as the previous installer seemd to know even less than I do. The speaker wire was a little messy and I wanted all speakers and sub running from the amp as opposed to off the HU amp.

So, I have re run all the speaker wire from the amp to individual speakers (getting through the door gromets was a nightmare) however, my new HU doesn't have the same 3 x RCA outs (front, rear, sub) that my old Alpine unit did... instead it has 2 outs (front L&R or Sub/Rear L&R or Sub), take a look:

Looking at the * eplanations; does this mean I have to choose between the use of my rear speakers and my sub? Surely not!, or are they expecting me to run the front speakers from my HU amp?

Please help!


Established Member
As your HU only has two sets of RCA outs, I would run the front speakers and the sub off the amp and the rears from the HU

....but as your amp has 6ch why not split the FR L&R RCA outs into 2 with Y-leads so you can drive the rear channels on the amp too, the only down side would be a lack of front to rear fade from the HU, which can be over come by adjusting the gains on the amp to suit your listening reqs


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Great reply!! Nice one Garath!

Unfortunately the HU has a Power IC mode where it give you the option to switch the power to either an external amp or just run from the internal. So it's either one or the other.

But bravo, I didn't think to loose the Fade option and set on the amp. I think I see what you mean;
Loose the Rear ch all together and split the Front RCA across both Ch's on the Amp (?)

Good solution and one I will deffinitely do but.... seems a little strange that Alpine doesn't have a solution for this? They must have had a reason to shift from having a dedicated Sub out on their older units to splitting it with the rears!


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It's just something manufacturers do to make the units a little cheaper. My Sony has 3 pre outputs like your old one had, but one of my friends' units which looks the same only has front and rear outputs (no subwoofer)

Very irritating, but if you're aware of it before purchasing it isn't too much of a problem. Thankfully there is a way around it - thanks to Gareth :D

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