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without boring anyone with the reasons, I have to choose between 2 models and I am unable to view them in person.

The 2 models are the Samsung UE40D5520 and the Panasonic TX-L42E30B.

Usage will be something like 60% Sd, 20% Hd, 10% Blu-ray/Dvd and 10% Wii.

From reading numerous reviews etc I realise the issues with Edge LED but as I am unable to view them, I would appreciate any comments or thoughts about which of these 2 sets are likely to produce the most satisfying picture (motion handling, natural colour, depth etc). Sound quality is not really important as it will be connected to an amp.

Thanks for any opinions


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I currently have the Panasonic model you mention and can confirm its a very good picture, especially with Sky HD, but unfortunately my set seems to be suffering from inconsistent backlight and also gives off a misty "sheen" effect once you are viewing off-centre!

The other consideration is that the Samsung LED models do seem to have quite a reflective screen (much akin to a plasma) so if you dont like reflections you might want to consider something else!

Hope this helps...


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If the room isn't especially bright, also add the Panasonic 42ST30 plasma to your demo list, especially given your PQ/motion wishlist :)

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