STR-DN1060 Bluetooth/Airplay not working


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I have recently moved house and inherited a Sony STR-DN1060 amplifier which connects various AV devices to speakers in the ceiling. There's a lot I'm yet to fully understand about it, but something which should be straightforward is connecting mobile devices to it using Bluetooth, or AirPlay for Apple Devices. Neither works.

I can sometimes see the amplifier in the list of Bluetooth devices on my Samsung Galaxy phone, but if I try and select it, it thinks about it and then says "Couldn't connect". If I hold the phone to the NFC sensor on the amp, a short two-note tone sounds and my phone says "Pair Bluetooth Device SonyOffice?" I say yes, and then usuallly nothing happens. Occasionally it does connect for a few seconds and then disconnects. Occasionally the name of my phone appears on the amp display, occasionally the text "PAIRING" appears on the display. But it never holds the connection.

Similar behaviour happens with my spare iPhone if I connect via Airplay. It looks like it's connecting / connected, but no sound comes out of the linked speakers, and eventually the phone says "Unable to connect to SonyOffice".

I'm assuming this means that there is a fault with the Bluetooth in the amp, unless there's something buried in the amp settings that is stopping it working? In that case, would you suggest I buy an external Bluetooth receiver that can plug in to one of the audio inputs on the back of the amp?

Thanks in advance

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