STR-DH800 Transformer Buzzing (Bando/Sony 144565111)


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Hello everyone!!

A little over a year ago I purchased a Sony STR-DH800 Receiver, and have been EXTREMELY happy with it's performance. Except for one relentless flaw. It first only manifested itself after really long sessions (ie: 4-5 hours of Xbox/PS3, or long lazy movie days). The power transformer (not the speakers) would begin to hum/buzz. It would progressively get worse as time passed, but was some what bearable. Unfortunately, after about 8 months it's getting insane. It will start after only an hour or so of being on, and after two hours, any pause in dialogue or soundtrack feel like the receiver is boring into your frontal lobe!! It's so annoying!! Placement/Heat Dissipation makes no difference. I've even tried running it in the middle of the living room with the cover/casing removed, and nothing plugged in, but sure enough, after an hour of being left on, the buzzing begins. I even tried different power sources (plugged into outlets, power strips with and without surge protectors, APCs, different houses, everything). I really love this receiver. I thought, there just has to be an alternative to buying a $300-$500 replacement.

Well, after a little research, it looks like I have a few options:

I have found threads where people have had the same issue with their STR-DH800, and had them repaired by Sony, but I unfortunately do not have my receipt, or even know the original date of purchase, so I would be looking at a minimum of a $119 flat rate out of warranty repair from Sony.

I have also found the Bando Transformer (Sony Part# 144565111) on several sites for $100-$120, but I would just die if I spent $120 on a transformer, to only have it do the exact same thing.

Finally I have also found posts where enthusiasts have placed generic transformers from stores like Digi-Key to repair other Sony Receivers (seems like they have issues with transformers, as I have a STR-D311 that wont even fully power on that I'm thinking may be realated), but I have ABSOLUTELY NO idea as to what the input/output specs are on the Bando/Sony 144565111 transformer I want to replace.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what would be the most cost effective means of repairing this unit would be? Is there anything I'm overlooking?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Generally, a buzzing transformer needs to be replaced as they are not repairable. The buzzing comes from the laminations vibrating in sympathy with the mains voltage. It is a magnetic effect. When the transformers are made, they are dipped in varnish under vacuum to remove the air from between the laminations and glue it all together. Sometimes the system fails and the only thing to do is replace it. If Sony replace it, the repair will be guaranteed; if you replace it, any warranty is null and void.


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Well I got the unit back, and Sony replaced the Transformer under the factory 2yr Parts Warranty (I had 2 months left), for just $12 shipping cost to me. Through the online Service and Reapir process, they offer a flate rate $12 UPS shipping label for any size/25lb box. I had the unit back in four weeks.

The new transformer sounds like somebody smacking the side of the Reciever when it snaps on, but make virtually ZERO noise otherwise (no matter how long the unit is on). It's obviously a bit more rugged/heavy duty than the previous one. Overall I am extremely pleased with the entire process, and elated to finally have this reciever back at 100%.

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