STR-DH800 Protector error message

I've been using a 2nd hand STR-DH800 for a few years now with no issues. Ever since I first got it there has been a pretty loud POP noise when turning it on. I figured that was just how this thing worked and its really been no big deal. However, every so often when first powering it up the POP is slightly louder/different than usual; and the unit instantly displays "protector" and shuts down. I'd say this first happened 2 or 3 months ago. Seconds after it shut down, I turned it back on and it worked perfect. This has then happened numerous times since; but not every time I power it up. In the past 2 weeks it seems to be getting worse. I'll turn it on, protector mode engages and shuts it down. And that cycle then continues multiple times (as many as 6+ times in a row) before it eventually turns on. Last night was the worst its ever been and it finally got me to pull the unit out of its home and recheck all the speaker connections. Everything looked stray wires and nothing is crossed. While the unit was moved off to the side it powered up fine; but 10 seconds or so later while moving it back into position the protector mode came on and shut it down. That was the first time ever the protector mode engaged well after startup (and not immediately upon powering it up). I turned it back on and jostled all the wires in the back assuming maybe there was a bad connection and I could "force" it to shut down with protector mode. Never got it to shut back down, so turned it back around and put it back in place. I tried playing with it a bit and hit the "speakers" button on the front which immediately engaged protector mode again (30 seconds or so after initially powering up). Once I tried turning it back on, protector mode did not engage and it continued working properly for the rest of the evening. Turned it on this morning, and all worked fine (for the time being).

Does this indicate that the receiver is probably in need of repair/replacement soon or should I be looking towards something else as the problem?

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