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Story Mode Completed! Truly amazing game. Whats your thoughts? *SPOILERS*

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There's lots of threads and posts by people who have only just scratched the surface of this game, so what I want to know is...Whats the thoughts of those that have completed the story mode?

I did it in 23hours and 19 mins, which I'm impressed with as I got my Liberty City Minute achievement! :)

I have to say, it is definatley the most addictive game of all GTA and the single most gripping Single-player mode I have played in a long time. I'm still only on 68%, so much more to do! I just concentrated on the story.

Have to say that Dimitri's missions as well as the final are the best, although nearly all were great!

Surprise for me was, that Little Jacob was loyal right till the end.....

Poor old Kate, I'm shocked as I thought Roman would be the one to snuff it!

Anyway, it does have it's annoyances, including party mode continually dropping out when you try to do team deathmatch! :(

Driving, takes getting used to, but if you've played PGR4 it is fantastic and makes driving missions much more challenging...

wow wow wow, I am just left wanting more! Bring on the downloadable content in the Autmn.

PS. I was not a fanboy before GTA IV, in fact I hated them!

9.5 out of 10 from me!


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I finished it on thursday in 28hrs and 43min :thumbsup:


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Finished it earlier today. Really enjoyed it. As much as I'd like the <30 hour achievement first time round I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if I didn't get distracted :p Something to go for on my next run I suppose... gives me a chance to kill the other person instead when them "decision" missions come up again :)


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I've just finished it now. 33.43 hours and 62.50% complete.

I chose to kill Dimitri instead of doing a deal with him and I was disappointed when Kate was killed. There is an alternative ending though, if you choose to do a deal with Dimitri, Kate lives and Roman gets killed, however Kate doesn't want anything to do with you because you chose to be money hungry.

Great story and lots of twists that I never saw coming.


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I just finished 5 mins ago. 36.22 hours and 69.25% complete. Took my time with this one and did basically everything I wanted to do in the game. No point rushing through it for a lousy 30 gp plus i couldn't keep away from the comedy club :D Overall I'd give this game a 9. Was very addictive and enjoyable. Woudn't give it a 10 though as can't see what makes this better to games that have come before it such as Saints Row or even Scarface


I've just finished it now 25 hours but its well longer than that as i reload my save and have done loads of side missions.

It is an awesome game but R* need to start putting checkpoints in as i got pretty hacked off on the last few mission.

The ending if you took revenge was a lot easier than if you took the money option, i did two saves so have played both.

It's a solid 9 from me as i felt let down due to the lack of CP on the bigger missions.

Now i'll crack on with the cop missions, races, package hunting etc still loads of stuff left to do.

Edit: This is the first GTA i've ever finished lost intrest in the others early on into the game.


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i chose to get revenge over dimitri as opposed to the money and poor old kate bought it....

incidentally, i found an extra mission from Mrs Faustin (now penniless and living in a slum after i killed her hubby!) who is early in the game, she was stood by the funfair and sent me to kill this dude who was trying to make her daughter a stripper... there was no icon for her and it didnt add to my mission completed count.....
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