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Hi All,

I have a question regarding storage.

So I have only 2 games on my console... Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and a Modern Warfare title and that's it that's all I can get on there, surely that cant be right that you can only get 2 games on a time, I haven't even started Cyberpunk/Tony Hawks etc because I can't get them on, I just want to be able to switch games when I like not like this, Im moving what I can over to a hard drive now and will see what that has done when I get home but am I missing something, being stupid or what?

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks


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I am in the same boat.. My main game is MW/CW multiplayer and Warzone, they take up almost all of the storage on the PS5.

MW is just too big, however, the storage available on the PS5 is absolutely criminal.. 825GB was advertised but only 600GB usable on a next-gen console is a joke, I don't care how fast it is.
As it stands you need to get an yourself a USB 3.0 SSD which can store and play the games if there PS4 versions, and hold the games only if there PS5 editions/exclusives. Meaning you can move them onto the drive from the PS5 internal drive to free up space and move them back when you want to play them as a quicker than re-installing or downloading them. There is no internal drive expansions yet ( there should be but there going to be very expensive and there no release date yet) and yes 625GB is crap but the PS5 operating system has to use some of it - think phones or computers , you dont get all the space written on the box - this is not new.

Xbox has the same issue with 1TB but only 820ish available but it does have expandable internal storage but its around £200 for 1TB so PS5 will be similar. Every one gets a usb SSD these days.


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I would have liked to see Sony offer a £600 - £700 2tb option really, have three models at £350, £450 and £650. Then we can choose how much storage is best for us.

Sony are already selling the system for a loss, you can’t have terabytes of bleeding edge storage tech without paying a premium for it I’m afraid the world doesn’t work that way.

They could have easily stuck a big 5tb hard drive in there, that would be great fun, some games wouldn’t run at all and others would take many minutes to load. Two second Miles Morales loads, bah who needs them right!.

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