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I am thinking of knocking up a storage server for my media and sticking it in the garage, though this would mean my only option of connecting it to the router and being able to stream from it would be via Homeplugs.

At most, there would be 3 machines getting data/streaming from the storage server at once.

Would a pair of 200Mbps homeplugs be sufficient for this use or would it be worth paying extra for the Gigabit version from Netgear (despite my router only supporting 10/100Mbps).

Interested to hear if anyone else as a similar setup.


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nope, homeplugs, nor wireless are sufficient to run a server off IMO

a piece of cable and a gigabit switch would be best - you can get that for £30-40 these days (the price of a homeplug adapter)

200Mbps over powerline adapters, or wireless is about 80-90Mbps of real throughput, or 10 MegaBytes of bandwidth best, in good conditions ...could be 1/2 that in the average home :thumbsdow

so you would have 5-10MB/s ...but entry level consumer NAS boxes will do 30MB/s plus these days, and if its a real media server (PC based) with gig ethernet card, then you could get 50-100MB/s depending on how fast the hard drives are by using homeplugs or wi-fi you will be throttling your network by a factor of 10 :thumbsdow

it dosent matter your router is 10/ only traffic to the internet will go through it - if your other devices connect to a small gig switch, then that in turn is patched to the router. Local traffic stays local, across the switch - thats how it works :smashin:


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No gig-switch just a Netgear DG834G router with 10/100 ethernet ports and wireless.

The server would be used for streaming media and downloading from usenet (unRAID setup with nzbget)

As much as i'd like to use a wired solution, being more reliable and efficient, its just not practical in my setup. Running a cable to the garage (or the loft as my other location) would mean running a long cable all over/drilling holes etc.


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well give homeplugs a try may get a few MB/s out of them and be happy with the speed for what you want

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