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Hi, I just got my new MBA 11' Notebook and I love it, It's my 1st Mac and I'm glad I've made the switch!

As I'm sure everyone knows, MBA's are slightly lacking in storage area, luckily I didn't buy it for a top of the range media PC or anything, but I am currently Desktop-less and will be until my funds recover enough to buy a new pretty iMac.

What External Storage device would you guys recommend for me, 500GB will be plenty, but I'd like something obviously Mac compatible and shiny to go with my new toy :thumbsup:

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Just to let you know any external HDD, is mac compatible you just need to reformat it to HFS+ or if you want Windows to read and write with as well, reformat as exFAT
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I have one of these GoFlex for Mac Ultra Portable Drive.

You can change the connection cable to suit your needs, I use Firewire 800 but I can change the port to USB2, an eSata cable is available as well. As it is a portable drive I don't need a mains connection to use it.

I just formatted it HFS+ as I use it exclusively for my MBP but exFAT will let you use it on Windows as well.


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If you get a 2.5" they are more expensive but have a smaller form factor and can be powered by USB, where as 3.5" drives are bigger, cheaper but also require to be plugged into the mains.

Take a look on HUKD they pop up all the time and also on the bay deal of the day. I picked up a decent 500GB WD 2.5" from comet a few weeks ago for £25 :)

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