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Storage/Media Streaming Advice Please


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Hiya, I am in a bit of a indecisive mood with regard to storage.
My PC storage is getting very limited so I am looking to expand by 500gb - 750gb.
Now, do i go for a PC external HD via USB2?
Do I go for NAS enabled?
Or do I go for Media Player with on board storage?
Reason I am in two minds I have Xbox360, PS3 both on wired or wireless network i can use both. I use TVersity to stream via the 360 & PS3 but in future I would like to back up my DVD, collection (which I own) for streaming.
My head says go for size and standard external hardrive with max capacity in mind but because there are so many options I would like some thoughts,

Oh and another thing I would like to make the most of the 5.1 sound track when streaming or connecting

Cheers for any advice:smashin:

Hopefully I have entered this thread in the correct section.


I don't have much to offer... other than that I looked into NAS myself a little while back, and found it was still rather in it's infancy as regards the domestic environment... such that any solution proved an expensive way of getting additional storage.

If price is no object, NAS has much appeal... although your home layout and how you would wish to access the material may have a bearing on whether this is actually true.

Generally, I regard all streaming solutions have been utterly spoiled by an industry obsessed about keeping control of it's data [ DRM etc. Incompatible systems etc.]

Good luck with your search for a solution. I'll be interested to know how you get on with whatever you chose.


in my opinion i say NAS ... for the average man its ideal !

if u go for just standard UBS external exclosure you are then stuck to only being able to access it by a PC, or via that PC on network etc ...
or of course physicly plugging it in somewere and at the moment that very restrictive (as the above posted says!), been a few threads recently talking USB ext. HDDs and dvd/hdd recordes and theres only like 2/3 at the moment and they not as open/acessable as would be good ...

BUT if u go for a NAS, (i just brought a NAS enclusoure for £25 on ebay!)
u not only get the beneift of above (as all NAS have USB !)
but can also just hook up the NAS on network and then u can play/stream to you 360/ps3/PC or all 3 at the same time (as in kids front roon, and bedroom ;)
as most NAS have native samba support great for xbox :) and PC's (maybe 360 in the furure we hope!)

my NAS is gonna be hooked up to my dvd/hdd recorder so that when the recorder is on i can use the NAS as a dumping ground for all the recorded stuffs ...
and when the recorder is off, all the dumped stuff can e accessed on my network ;)

and the NAS/Media player... is a good idea but i dont think it really has the capabilities that a media player needs etc .. and i think are over priced for what they are, i say a NAS and a xbox1 is much better suited to ALL needs (maybe HD not included)

so thats my opinion .. what say u .. ??
Mick ...

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