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Nov 20, 2009
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Alright guys.

I recently bought an xbox 360 250gb elite. As my PC has around 200GB of video, I wanted to transfer them over to the 360.
Obviously I have just realised that this feature is not possible on the 360.
I do not want to stream from my PC as I do not want my PC on whenever I would like to watch a film. I also want the films/tv shows deleted off my PC's Hard drive.

I see no other solution other than buying an external hard drive with around 500GB of space and copying all my stuff off the PC onto it, then having it connected to my 360 permanently so I can just pick and choose what film to stream.

Now what device do you guys reccomend I buy? Is there a certain product that works really well with the 360? how much would I be looking at, price wise?

Or if theres another solution to this, I'd like to hear it?

Any info is much appreciated.

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Any decent brand external hard drive will be fine as long as you format it to either FAT32 or HFS+. If you only need 500GB you could get a Western Digital Passport drive, as they're small and powered via USB. One of those will set you back £40-£45. I use one to store music on for DJing and I've not had any problems with it.

If you don't want to stream from your PC, which does have some advantages, such as being able to use the 360 as an extender for WMC and being able to run software that transcodes files on the fly, then an external drive is going to be your best bet. The other option is to use a NAS, so you store your files on that in one location and stream to all of your devices from there, but if you're only using a 360 to play videos that's gonna be pricey and a bit OTT.

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