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Not really sure that this belongs here, but as I'm pumping everything through my receiver i'll do it anyway, and post in the HTPC forum.

Basically, I've got my Vista install running as well as I think it could. However, I have a strange problem in that if I turn off my TV or AV receiver, the computer goes into standby mode (even if i've left something going), and upon 'wakeup' it blue screens - this happens ALL the time

Also, every now and again, within Media Center, if I press pause or stop, or even just back/return or menu, it drops the signal to the amp, and only way to get it back is wiggle the mouse or hit the keyboard - this only happens occasionaly

Now on my old setup of standard DVD player/freeview STB, if I turned off the TV of the receiver while watching a DVD, it would stop the disc as if I had pressed the stop button.

So... I think this is an HDMI issue, in that it is telling the source to stop/standby as it doesn't need to do anything.

This is rather annoying especially as I leave most of my video camera recordings capturing over night as it means I have to leave everything on.

Is there a way to stop this?


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