Question 'Stop-gap' Soundbar advice for LG CX?


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Hi all,

Looking for somewhat of a 'stop-gap' device or something that will immediately improve my listening experience while I continue to rebuild my front room/dining room. I've a budget of about £300-ish, anything above that I'd have to think about longer term as ultimately I want to pick something up next year which is a bit more cinema-like when I complete the front room, so whatever I pick up now will be for the next year-ish.

I've recently picked up an LG CX 48" and am largely very pleased with it. Last year I knocked my lounge and dining through into a bigger space and have oak floors and two sizeable fireplaces which makes the room somewhat echoey at the moment since we are still (slowly) buying in new furniture. My LG CX sits on a small-ish unit I made from a bookcase. As such there isn't room to put a bar in front of the TV, but I can put it on the shelf below.

I'm currently finding the sound pretty good from the OLED, but I was previously use to beefy Kuro Plasma speakers which carried a bit more weight and clarity to my ears. However, the difficulty I'm having is size of bar, inputs and my needs. I use the CX with a Shield TV Pro but mix and match for content. From the TV apps I use Disney + and Netflix as it matches framerate without me having to use a button or the 'Refresh' app on the Shield, then for my NAS media I use the Shield for Kodi and Plex. So in simple terms: TV for Netflix and Disney + (and some Apple TV app) i.e Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos (since the CX does not do DTS full stop). For my Shield it's my own 4K and BR library ripped which contain a variety of audio formats from TrueHD, Atmos, DTS-MA, DTS to Stereo and Mono.

I did think about a Sonos Beam, but it only has one HDMI input and I'm concerned that I'd need one for the Shield TV in and then another one out to the TV, since I assume my DTS content would either transcode, hiccup or not play at all. However, I'm wondering if I've misconstrued this as I've only ever used receivers and surround systems.

The max length would have to be 80cm (ish), until I rebuild all my shelving and cabinets, I was looking at a refurbed Sony ht-x8500 as this may just fit, at 89cm. However, having never used a soundbar before and not being able to get to the shops to listen to anything I'd be really interested in advice as I've heard despite the limited connections the Sonos' sound ace. I'd be interested in any recommendations though for my budget and size needs. I don't need to do any streaming to it or anything like that, it would purely be to improve my audio experience while I'm sat watching content on the sofa.

Thanks all, apologies for a lengthy post!


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Sony HT-X8500 would be my choice, but I'd go for new, not refurbished, unless the price difference is significant. If you buy from JL you'll get a 2 year guarantee. It supports all of the DTS codecs and has an HDMI input. The Sonos Beam has no support for anything DTS, which is pretty rubbish, but there you go.

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