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Stood up or not?



Does it make a difference if you stand your XBox 360 up or down. I heard that they are more likely to break if stood up, is this true?


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I have never come across it being the way it is stood that causes them to break. I have heard laying it down takes pressure of the tray but as far as i can see it was designed for both so should be ok either way.

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This gets discussed quite a bit.



I think the only real issue with having it stood up is that if it gets nudged slightly while a disc is spinning the disc will get scratched.

I like to have mine stood up because more of the console is exposed to air so it might help with cooling. I doubt it makes much difference though to be honest. And my console is positioned where it isn't going to get nudged, I don't have kids, pets etc. If there's any danger of it getting nudged I'd lie it flat.

Regardless it should sit on a hard, flat surface (not a carpet) so none of the ventilation holes get blocked.


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I've had two die horizontally so far. 1st one was the DVD drive wearing out after only 6 weeks giving unreadable disc messages on all my games. 2nd one was a burnt out graphics chip E74.

It's replacement is now stood vertically to see if that makes a difference, although horizontal fits my set up better and horizontal also makes the 360 that bit further away so I don't hear the noise so much.


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My first 360 cooked it's HD and then completely failed a few months later. That one was stood on end. The replacement has always laid flat and so far has had no problems.


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The drive is considerably more noisy when mine is vertical, soon as I turn it off and put it back down horizontal again it is def much quieter


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My drive makes a grinding sound when it slows the disc down but it does not sound so bad when it is flat even though it makes my setup look odd i'm just being safe than sorry.

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i stand the 360 and ps3 upright on a Targus Notebook Cooling Chill Mat stole from my mum...(she keeps asking for it back...don't think so)

i position each fan under the bottom vent holes of each system

doesnt make any difference to the noise, and i dont know if its doing any good...but the air flow is icey cool;)


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Generally it's believe laid down is the best way to go with any console that doesn't click the disc into place.

My opinion is if you have the space to have it laid down thats the best way to go

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Generally it's believe laid down is the best way to go with any console that doesn't click the disc into place.

My opinion is if you have the space to have it laid down thats the best way to go

First... welcome to avforums

Second... thats ok if you have the space...i don't have space to lay them both down... but the 360 does ok playing upright if you dont touch it... and both consoles are wirless all the way, and all my controllers are in there holders charging on the wall to the right of me...a massive 9 ft away from the 360, and i never go over there:nono: (other than to change disc, and im really carefull:cool:)


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Had mine a few months and its stood up and have had no crashes or anything else going wrong with it, I know someone who got one for xmas and they lay it flat and they are always telling me that theirs is crashing and pausing so mabey it dosent matter what way it sits.


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My first console stood vertically and dies after 18 months, my second console is horizontal and is fine do far after 7 months

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