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Stolen i Phone 4


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Hi just got back from Penang Malaysia the holiday was great:cool: Except for one thing I had my i Phone 4 32gb nicked from some A******E!:mad:I immediately got in touch with O2 ( that cost a bit i can tell you why do they seem to talk a lot slower when ringing from abroad ) they said "that the phone will now be blocked so nobody could use it with the sim card stopped and the IME will also stopped the phone would become useless". Is this true? if it is it would give me a bit of satisfaction:) but knowing the Malaysians the would find a way is that Possible? (jailbreak etc) One other thing while I was out there i tried to ring O2 with my wifes i Phone but could not use it for in coming calls 0r outgoing calls even with the local network showing in the top left hand corner so got back to UK rang O2 they "said you have to chose the network manually in settings" i said "but it was all ready showing the local network" he said "you still have to go to settings and do it" he also added that he thinks "its only the i phone you have to do this other phones do it automatically" talk about 3 steps forward one step back. as I travel quite a bit hope that this can be sorted. Not getting a replacement i phone 4 wait until no 5 comes out


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im if right, the IMEI will only be blocked in the UK on UK carriers, in other words it still can be used abroad on other networks


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It will be banned on UK networks in the UK
But if anyone found it and popped a sim card in it it'll work fine over there.
Your sim will be useless to them also.


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OH Well someone is going to be very happy in Malaysia then :-( Thanks. Anybody know of a good i phone insurance that's also good for abroad as well as at home ( had bad experiences with phone insurance in the past like when lost phone "I should have report straight away and get police report no" Bit difficult as I was in India and it was the middle of one of there big celebrations had no phone and the police are not known for there honesty just to say did not get cost of phone from insurance company)


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Maybe check if the phone is covered under your travel or home insurance, even some credit cards now cover this if you used one to purchase the phone.

If you're planning to insure the stolen phone now pay attention that the insurer may see that the IMEI is already in the blocked list and so easily catch you trying to commit what amounts to insurance fraud.

Even insurance plans without an IMEI may take a few weeks for protection to kick in, so I'd think the date on the police report would have to match up.

For future phones check up on the http://www.avforums.com/forums/iphone/650211-iphone-insurance.html thread


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Also sign up to MobileMe
You can remotely wipe your iPhone of personal data from your pc
And track it via gps
Handy if it's ever lost again.

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