Stock Shortages


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There never used to be stock shortages at all for any consoles untill the PS2... So, what's going on? Are manufactuers doing this on purpose to create hype? Or more of a market now?


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I guess the first mainstream console was Playstation and since then indusrty has never stopped growing!

You think they would make more though! lol


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Any idea where the best place to place an order is?

I know nothing about gaming but have promised my daughters to try and get a wii for them for Christmas.

Thanks .... Simon.


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Well I am not going to contribute to that frenzy!
I know it is a free market but don't you just hate those touts on ebay?

Dickie Darko

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I remember the good old days when you didn't need to pre order, and more recently when a pre-order meant you'd get your console on launch day (my loyal dreamcast!)

As much as I would like one, there is no way I am going to get one on eBay.

I managed to get my 360 using the links on here last year and I will be trying the same with the Wii.
I only wish I had enough knowledge to help others as much as this forum has helped me.


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Yep, I think ebay is the biggest reason for the stock shortages, just take a look at how many are on there, and as they sell they'll always be replaced with new listings.

One things for sure, without the ebay sellers buying up so much stock, there would be alot more to go around. Perhaps there would still be stock shortages but nowhere near as large:(


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for the kids the excitement is opening the console on christmas day.for the adults its trying to get one that is rarer than rocking horse sh*t:mad:


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There would be far fewer ebay sellers if people did not want to pay the prices. The reality is, unfortunately, there are enough people willing to buy the consoles at vastly inflated prices to keep the prices high.


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There is over 1000 consoles on eBay as we speak...

Thats about 1% of all the consoles sold in the uk and that is only just now i wonder how many out of all sold have ended up on ebay at some point.

I'm sure that about half the people that got it where i got it at the midnight launch were destined for ebay as i saw lots of people just buying the console and nothing else.

Gold Feet

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I guess the first mainstream console was Playstation and since then indusrty has never stopped growing!

Atari VCS was mainstream in the West, but consoles were expensive in those days with at least 20 consoles to choose from.
Every kid knew what an Atari was, just like all kids know what a Playstation is, but the machine was $200 nearly 30 years ago!

Gaming has never been cheaper, and consumerism is far more rampant.

This is an interesting chart from Nintendo USA, the Playstation era has quite a big gap (it even dropeed) between traditional toy sales than the Atari Nintendo era, although Im sure there are still alot of arguments on the subject.


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