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Coulrophobia – fear of clowns. If the blood spattered, scarred face of Ross Noble killing off a bunch of generally unpleasant teenagers is not enough to induce this illness, you can probably consider yourself naturally immune. Not only is this one of the goriest movies I have seen recently, it is also one of the funniest as well. Marrying slapstick humour with an out-and-out horror movie may not be a new idea, but it has been done exceptionally well here.

Ross Noble plays Richard “Stitches” Grindle, a sleazy, jaded children’s entertainer, eking out a living somewhere in rural Ireland putting on third rate shows for bratty kids. He is a proper clown though, he has his painted clown-face on an egg – something he “Had to do when I joined up”. Let’s be honest, trying to entertain a bunch of hyper, sugar fuelled ten year olds would be most of our vision of hell, but he does his best, with balloon animals,...

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Whitley Lad

Distinguished Member
Was unsure about this as a blind purchase but your review has me sold. Just ordered it from Amazon. Sounds right up my street.

Richard Cypher

Active Member
watchable and a few chuckles here and there. Though the character playing Mary was rather tasty!

Looking more forward to Gingerclown 3D with Tim curry voicing a demonic clown!!
A throw back 80's horror comedy, can't wait for that


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