Stillwater Movie Review & Comments


Very decent whiskey sour film.
I think it's one of Damon's best understated performances for a while. Mum and her daughter are good too.
Slowly cruised to an 8/10 on first watch...


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I still can't see Matt Damon and not think Team America.

Casimir Harlow

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I still can't see Matt Damon and not think Team America.

I kinda agree, but he's really great in this. I'd say it's one of those rare movies from him where I completely forgot it was him halfway through, he really sunk into the character.

GT One

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For me, Matt Damon's effectiveness as a box office actor is his ability to use his natural intellect to good effect, you saw that intellect in action in 'The Martian' and you also see another version of his calculating mind in Stillwater, his quiet forbearance and practical abilities as a roughneck or builder makes the viewer believe his character will find a solution to any problem, in some respects Bill Baker is a derated version of Jason Bourne, with a bit more empathy but a similar cold relentlessness.
I enjoyed Stillwater, and not knowing anything about the Knox comparison, I wasn't facing any distractions. I'm a fan of French actress Camille Cottin ( Call My Agent ), even though her job in this movie was to provide a dutiful supportive role for Matt, this movie may offer her a few more Hollywood movie and English language TV opportunities in the future, I hope it does.
My rating is 7 out of 10, it may have been better if it had a faster pace and a more satisfying ending.


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I really enjoyed the movie but what struck me most was the quality of the Blu-ray. Really looked good on my OLED which for some reason impresses more on BD than UHD.

In the fight scene I was expecting Damon to jump out into some Jason Bourne moves at any second but thankfully that did not happen.


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Just watched this tonight - really enjoyed it. Perhaps 15 minutes too long, but it's great to see Matt Damon carry this off

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