Still stuck!!!



I am still stuck on the best option for a Home Cinema Set Up.

I have been looking at the All in One option.
I went to have a listen to the DCS313 and I thought this sounded really nice. Then I played with the SCHT500 and thought that lacked bass, whereas reading all the comments they say that has punchy bass? I also listened to the DAVS300 and that had an amazing amount of bass and I thought that it was supposed to be a weaker option?? I must admit, I was listening to a CD rather than a DVD and that is something I will not use it for.

I have looked on the RS website and I can get the Panny or Pioneer for about £220 multi region which is about the amount I would like to spend, Ic an go higher, but would prefer to keep it this side of £250 if poss.

I have also been told to look at the Panasonic SAXR-15 at £179-95 and then add a speaker package for around £100.00?

I only live in a flat, my room is about 12' wide by about 17' long. My tv is directly opposite from where I sit so this bodes well for a good set up. I have a 28" widescreen Toshiba, unfortunately I am not rich enough for a Plasma!! I would prefer to run it from scart if poss.

I will mostly be watching DVD's, running a PS2 and hopefully watching terrestrial broadcasts in surround sound. Is it worth getting the PLII or is the Panny stereo sound processor ok?

What is my best option?? I keep reading about the Panny 900 but to be honest the floorspeakers put me off, they are just too big for my place.

Please help as I intend to go and make my purchase soon..

The pioneer has had many problems. Read through some of the threads that contain the name 'Pioneer' and a lot give you info on all the faults it has had. The Panny is also supposed to deliver sharper sound.
Yep on that point, are you sure you don't mean the Dav sa 30?

Yes, my mistake, it was the Sony sa30 and not the DAVS300!!

Still don't know what to go for??
I like the SCHT500 but worry about it not having PLII??
JVC THA75 is decent. I bought one from Richer Sounds a week & a half ago & am very impressed for £280.
Also goot 6.1 sound (3 rear speakers)

I have just been looking at the JVC and it looks impressive and it is now £249 on RS website.
What is the sound/picture quality like?
Any more info you can give me would be great
Personally i woudln't worry about the lack of PL2 becuase its main differences is the way in which it decodes for the rear channels (i think)
Originally posted by chaundster
I have just been looking at the JVC and it looks impressive and it is now £249 on RS website.
What is the sound/picture quality like?
Any more info you can give me would be great

The main complaint with the JVC is it isn't capable of the volume of output of many competing systems so isn't ideal for large rooms. Its has excellent sound and picture but the subwoofer isn't as impressive as some other systems. In its favour though it looks great, has a wide range of media support and a decent dvd drive. The 6.1 sound is superb. I think Comet are still selling them. Worth checking it out there before buying cheaper online.
Hi folks. For my two penny worth, I bought the JVC from Richer (after reading rave reviews). I have to say that I hated how it sounded, compared with the ultra cheap Acoustic Solutions package it was to replace.

That wasn't just my opinion. I asked a few mates round for a blindfold demo and they all hated the jvc on the grounds of it sounding constrained, tinny and tiresome.

At the end of the day it is what sounds best to you. You need to make your own mind up: Buy something from a dealer who will demo it first for you first or from somewhere like Richer where it wont be a drama if you want to take it back if you don't like it.

All the best, Mark

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