Still no sign of new channels???



Anyone know why I still can not recieve any of the new Freeview channels? I keep reading that people are getting test transmissions from the two music channels, but I still am not receiving anything.

I have done add channels and store channels, but I still only get the usual BBC 1,2,3,4, ITV 1,2, and BBC and ITV news channels. No sign of the music channels, Sky news or any other new ones.

I am in Burgess Hill, West Sussex on the Midhurst Transmitter and use a Toshiba DTB2000 box. Thought I should be getting something of the new channels by now, (test transmissions or something) or will they suddenly come on on the 30th?

Also on the ITV news (on normal analogue) they advertise ITV NEWS 24 on channel 48 (I think). I am getting it on ch. 41.

Any Idaes????


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You should be receiving the test transmissions by now.:confused:
Perhaps your digi box is one of the later models and won't work?
I have a Pioneer model and it's picked up 55 channels (mendip transmitter) when it did the search.
ITV news is on channel 41.
I hope that is of some help.


Thanks for that.

It seems to be all the channels from Crowm Castle (C & D) that I can not get.

I'm sure other people with the same box can get them.

Could it be that the midhurst transmitter is not transmitting them yet?

Any ideas apreciated.



Asked an ariel engineer to come and look at the ariel as Midhurst are not transmitting on CH C & D to our area. Within 1/2 hour he had turned our ariel around to Heathfield (which a previous engineer said we could not do!) and now we have all channels, analogue and digital.

Using the signal meter on the set top box we are getting Green 4 - 5 on all channels - better than when we were on Midhurst!

Problem sorted.

Now we just need a software update for the Toshiba box to enable text - but I guess thats asking too much......

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