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Hello all. I have a very annoying problem with Media centre which I have posted in many forums to no avail, hopefullly some of you kind people can offer some assistance!

My Media Centre mainboard is MSI and has ATI Radeon Xpress 200 onboard. I am using the S-Video TV-OUT to drive my standard 32" Widesceeen TV. I am using the latest drivers.

When Media centre is running the display output looks perfect, and is a nice colour, ratio etc. However occasionaly (and mainly as I browse the Videos folders) the screen "jumps" to a new ratio with big borders top and bottom, the colours look dull and the MCE app no longer fills the screen properly. During this "jump" the windows task bar and start button show. Usually it jumps straight back again, but it always seems to do it as it is drawing the thumnail of video files inside sub folders? Occasionlaly it will jump and stay in the odd format, and when I then use the remote I hear a "clunk" sound effect from Windows as the command isnt recognised. I think MCE is no longer the "active" window in this case and I have to hit the green button to restore normal picture and operation.

In addition If I set Media Cetntre to start with Windows (either using the proper option or just by putting a shortcut into the startup folder) it always starts with these ugly borders. If I exit Media centre app and then immeidaltley open it again, its alays fine. Likewise If I dont set it to auto start, and then open it after Windows has loaded its fine!

Interestingly when the screen goes wrong and gives borders, I think it is jumping to the resolution that the desktop uses. As I asy Media Centre looks great is it completlely fills my TV to the very edges and is bright and colourful with no borders. I cannot replicate this display output when at the desktop?

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