Still getting feint horizontal shadows/streaks

Jon Weaver

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I started off with a SyncBlaster and found that when I get certain colour combinations (i.e white on blue) I get a very feint shadow/streak right across the screen.

I want to stress that its VERY feint and only happens with certain colour combinations.

I then upgraded to a JS VGA box and used a Iiyama cable to connect it to the Plasma.

I still see the same phenomenon and to be honest, I would say that its slightly worse.

I often see it when there is text (i.e subtitles). But only when they are on top of a certain range of colours.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Would upgrading the cable be likely to resolve this? I am tempted to invest in a VDC cable, but don't want to spend the extra cash if it won't help.


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i get the same problem on my tft monitor. adjusting the phase fixes the problem, but is there a way to stop this happening altogether?


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Jon - For what you are saying and have done, what is the status of the source? I use an RGB + sync cable from a Sky+ to a 42PWB5 which shows absolutely none of the symptoms you state. My DVD RGB is also switched through the Sky+ and again no problems.

If I switch to AV and display the composite signal, there is a very slight shadow/streak. I know it must be annoying but assume you have tried it with a different source.
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