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After trawling through about 80+ pages on this forum i am more confused than ever, particularly as i have just purchased my first plasma - PIONEER PDP-427XD. So many issues around buzzing, dirty screen, burn in retention, settings etc.. relating to this particular model. Can someone give me the definitive answers to the following questions:

Do i need to "run in" the plasma and for how long?
How do i know how many hours the tv has been "running in"?
What settings should i use for "running in"?
Do i use a DVE disc before or after "running in"?
Anything else i should be doing as i am concerned that i may damage my plasma due to a lack of knowledge.

Thanks :confused:

Pioneer Man


1 and 3,
Running long as you avoid displaying static images for more than a few minutes at a time during the first 200-300 hours of use then you dont have anything to worry about. If you want to play safe then run the set in on the games mode.

Officially you should count the hours yourself, 5 hours a day for 2 months is 300 hours...

No point calibrating a set fully until the system is run in, you can experiment but don’t be surprised if you need to do it again after a while. This really applies to the guys that do ISF calibration more than people that use setup disks.

Just read the manual, read the forums but take everything on here with a large pinch of salt. You cant break it by playing around with the user settings, just don’t do any thing more than that and don’t alter anything in any hidden menus.

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