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I have just purchased a Sanyo PLV70 and was now am looking into purchasing a screen for it. I have heard a lot of good things about Stewart Screens, but so far can't tell the difference between the GrayHawk or the FireHawk. Which one would work better for my projector, given it will be a fixed mounted 110" diagonal HDTV screen. It will be in a room that is primarily used with a DVD player and occationally may be used with an Xbox and Directv. Any suggestions?

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OK: What colour are the walls? Where will folk be sitting inrelation to the screen?

Many folk make the mistake of assuming greyhawk is for LCD and Firehawk is for DLP. This is not correct. The screens have different properties. Greyhawk will give you a dimmer image than Firehawk.

Firehawk is like a high gain topcoat on a low gain backing. This means it has characteristics of something like a 2gain screen. That means that if you sit off axis you may got colour fringing or hot spotting. It also has a "texture" to it's finish which may be visible if you sit too close.

If the room is white walled and white ceilinged and folk are going to be sitting 1.8 or more screen widths away and on axis then Firehawk could be a decent solution.

If you have a dark room and dark walls and folk might be sitting off to sides of screen then Greyhawk could be good.

Hope this is a little use.



That helps a lot. I can paint the walls any color that I want and a darker taupe or gray is what I would prefer. Also I will be making the seating two rows with the back row being about almost 2 times the screens width and the front row being about 1.5 times the screen width. I am trying to make my own little movie theater.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.


I have got a PLV-70 and I have tried a variety of screens with it -

Carada 104in diag 16/9 matte white (1.0 gain)
This was in my own room with dark walls and it looked great but the black level was more grey level

Stewart Firehawk 8ft wide 4/3
A friends theatre that is completely black (walls ceiling etc)
Bright image and screendoor when viewed from less than 1x scren width was far less noticeable than on the mate screen in my room

DaLite Da Mat High Contrast 120inch diag 16/9
This really impressed me with the improved black levels but you have to compensate the colours/brightness slightly but once that is done this is the best screen I have seen for the PLV

Dalite HighPower 120 inch diag 4/3
Read a lot from folk who swear by these on the AVS forum so I tried my Sanyo at a pals on his highpower and the picture displayed lots of artifacts and hotspotting. Some of the guys in the US reported they had none but I now assume that they are not using their highpowers as they are meant to be used and not utilising the 2.8 gain they offer

My advice would be the Da Mat High Contrast or one of Carada's grey screens or if budget isnt limiting you a Stewart GreyHawk.
Also the difference calibrating the PLV makes is incredible. Either yourself with SmartIII or getting someone to do it professionally.

I have a 136in grey (0.8 gain) 2.35/1 (110inch diag @ 16/9)Carada Premier fixed screen arriving tomorrow and a Prismasonic H500 anamorphic lens. I hope to have this all set up and running by mid May at the latest and if you want to see the finished room drop me a PM.



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Isn´t it an plus for higher gained screens that with their slightly narrower viewing cone, then they are not reflecting as much light from the side walls. So if one doesn´t have seats to the sides, then a narrow viewing cone might be a plus??

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