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Stewart Firehawk Visible Creases


Hi everyone
I have a 92" Tab-Tensioned Firehawk Stewart Screen,bought as ex-demo from a dealer in Manchester.The screen was in it`s original shipping box and has been in a bedroom whilst I transform it into my home cinema.The central heating radiator has been removed whilst I have been working and so the room has been below normal temperature.
Although the room isn`t finished, I tried the screen to make sure the electrics worked okay,when the screen was fully lowered there were 2 very noticeable creases/ripples on the right side as though it wasn`t tensioning correctly.
Do you think when the room is completed and back at normal temperature and the screen is left down it should straighten out or can any adjustments be made in the tensioning ?
Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.
Thanks guys.

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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The creasing may go away. However the firehawk surface is more likely to show creasng IMO. The tension system can be adjusted but you should note it is designed to only stay correctly tensioned at specific drops. If you give StewerT USA the model and dimensions they can tell you what drop is ideal for best tension.



The creases should fade once the screen is left down and settles to the rooms conditions. If you still have issues then contact Anders+Kern who will have a look at the screen for you.


Thanks for your replies, I have spoken to Anders + Kern who said it is probably a room temperature issue and it should correct itself over time, if not they`ll come round and look at it.

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