Steve's Blog - CES 2013 Day 4

Steve Withers

All things must pass

So we come to the end of yet another CES and what a week it's been, the largest in the show's 45+ year history with 1.92 million net square feet of exhibit space.

Read our full report here
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I am already planning to rob a bank. :rotfl: Me being so greedy I want them all. :rotfl:


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Thanks Steve, both you and Phil deserve a well earned rest for your fantastic coverage, I really enjoyed the show. Can't wait for the blooper real :smashin:

Adam :D


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im with adam above,

the coverage and the quality of the info you've got back across the pond to us has been cracking. i really enjoyed all the vids

top stuff as always

cheers guys and have a safe trip home



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Yet again thanks for the excellent coverage guys.

There is more to get excited about than previous few years, so great to have Phil and Steve at the show bringing us the tantalising news so quickly.


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I am already planning to rob a bank. :rotfl: Me being so greedy I want them all. :rotfl:
The average take I believe now is only around 2k so not with it...hmmm mid you it might get one set.:laugh:

golden phoenix

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must concur and show my appreciation of the coverage this year, it has been getting better and better each year. thanks to Steve infront of the camera and Phil behind the camera.. thanks to Mark H for posting the news/videos.

i also love the outtakes real. shows Steve either enjoying himself, flirting with reps(anything for a new toshiba 4k telly) or going bonkers with all the things he needs to learn to make the videos informative and enjoyable which they truly are!

your only allowed to rest until the european show though next month.

brilliant guys :smashin:

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