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Jun 6, 2002
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Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy seem to be making some of the worst films around right now - why are these two chasing the kiddie market with such dross as Dr Doolittle, Daddy Day Care & Cheaper by the Dozen?? :confused:

15 years ago these guys were at the top of their game, making great comedies. What happened? :(
I enjoyed Bowfinger (1999), though I can't say that I've ever really been a Martin or Murphy 'fan', aside from EM in 'Trading Places'.
Eddie Murphy has become synonymous with "trash for cash" filmmaking these days. Steve Martin should be doing better. Maybe his stint as Clouseau will put him back on the right track. (I wouldn't bet on it, though)
they haven't made a funny film in so long.....that i forget when they were funny!!
I thought Bowfinger had excellent comedy performances from both actors, albeit more subtle than when they were at their most popular.
Bowfinger was really funny, Martin was at his best in the jerk and the man with two brains. Murphy was at his funniest when he picked up that cross dressing rent boy:laugh:
Murphy is like Depp, Robin Williams and Sean Connery - unless the director is in control they just end up playing themselves
Depp is a far better actor then any of the above in my opinion.
Films for kids.

Steve Martin's still got it. Always will.

"Your such an ass.." *takes a gulp of water* "...set to this company"
Took my 7 yr old to see Haunted Mansion at the weekend. Murphy was only mildly amusing in parts, a shame really.
Steve Martin reputedly good in "Looney Tunes - back in Action"
History absolves! Actors seem prolific once they've had a few successes - Beverly Hills cop, Trading places for Murphy for example. But once they can work regularly they often do & churn out movies inevitably some of which, are poor. People remember the good, Dirty rotten scoundrels - Planes, Trains & Automobiles say for Martin (two excellent classics in my book!) & rightly dismiss the bad ones. It must be difficult to pick a winner from a script, especialy when they offer you big bucks to do the film!

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