STerling LCD tv with freeview- no manual


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Wanted to record freeview so called out an engineer. He connected an stb to vcr. what channel do I select to record to vcr?engineer told me but I didn't listen. How do I then watch another channel whikst vcr records from stb? I am clueless- help


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On the VCR select 'EXT/AV' (or whatever the maker has named it) e.g an external source.

You can only record and view what the STB is tuned to, or watch an analogue channel on the TV.
If you want to be able to watch/record different Freeview channels you either need
1 A separate Freeview box to use only with the VCR
2 Invest in a Freeview PVR with two tuners

Plenty on PVRs here
PVRs and VCRs -

Just re-read the title of the post and I'm a bit confused.
Are you trying to record from the Freeview tuner in the TV or from a separate STB to the VCR?
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Don't know anything about the TV.

IF it has its own Freeview tuner then you can (or should be able to) watch anything you want to, regardless of what the Box/VCR are up to.

IF not then you can only watch analogue channels 1...5 until switchover, then nothing, unless you use the set top box you've now got. A set Top Box can only receive one programme at a time. You can watch it, record it, or both. But only one programme at a time.

And, yes, it's the EXT or AV input on the VCR you need to use to record from your set top box.

(Hint 1: members may be a lot more able to help if you are specific about makes and models).
(Hint 2: get a PVR.)


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The stb is a seg and the vcr is a matsui. I want to record from the stb to vcr. When I select av on the tv , I don't know which av I need to tune the vcr in.


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As Fernandez has already told you, the correct input needs to be selected on the front panel display of the VCR. Using the channel up/down button on the VCR remote, go backwards through the channels 5-4-3-2-1......etc. until A2 is showing on the VCR display and leave it like that, then choose the channel on the SEG stb and press record.

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