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I need to add sound to my TV and I am contemplating on what to do.

First of all, I already have a 5.1.4 setup with PSB Imagine Mini speakers, Klipsch PRO-18RC 8" ceiling speakers and a Klipsch R-120SW sub paired with a Denon X7200WA receiver, all hooked up to my PC where I watch movies.

I got some room in the family room now with a second TV and that's where I need to add some better sound, there is currently nothing there.

The reason I don't want to move all existing equipment there is because I don't want to crowd the living area as it looks nice. Ideally, I was thinking about picking up 2 tower speakers for 1k a pop (2k for a pair) and hope that the sound quality at that price range is good that I won't need a sub.

I know that "ideally" for movies, you want a full surround setup, but in the living room area I would prefer no cables laying around, and I am okay in sacrificing that surround sound, as long as the sound itself is good. Nobody in my household cares, and I listen to a lot of music, so I am used to stereo only.

My questions are:

If I go 2 speakers only, will I still get 24-bit/96khz on DTS MA and Dolby Atmos movie tracks, but I assume downmixed by the received into 2.0 setup from say 5.1.4? I really want to keep the quality of the sampling as close as possible to the original, I don't know how receivers handle Atmos/DTS MA tracks if you don't have enough speakers.

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So - the bit depth and resolution is solely down to you amp that you're going to be using.
What do you envisage as the decoder/amp in the living room?

It will also determine if it takes a 7.2 true HD / ATMOS signal and mixes it down to something else. For sure - you're not going to get the immersion with a 2.1 system but that doesn't necessarily mean it sounds bad.

Some of the latest KLIPSCH soundbars that are 3.1 do decode of full ATMOS and re-sample - it sounds generally good but nothing will beat having speakers placed correctly :)

What size TV will you be viewing? Have you considered a quality soundbar that can provide you with 5.1.4 such as the KLIPSCH Cinema 1200?


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I got a 77" TV, I can either use my existing Denon AVR-X7200WA, or buy something that's not super expensive but yet still good.

Would soundbar really be a better option for a 40% music/60% movies hybrid? My room is an open area that's about 12'x16x with 12' ceilings.

Originally I just thought about buying two towers, can anyone recommend anything in the up to 1k range/per, with good bass? Or do I need to get a sub? I was thinking of these towers
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If in my case sub is a must, is REL 1508 any good?
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