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I have a rather unusual situation, involving an awkwardly-shaped lounge with plenty of large furniture. The upshot is that my options on speaker placement are very limited.

I currently have the TV, VCR, DVD linked up to a pair of rather aged floorstanders, but pretty soon these are going to have to go (space), and I need to decide what to replace them with. The system is mostly used for watching cable TV, some movies, and occasionally music via the DVD player (you will gather we are no audiophiles, though I am a musician). Funds are also limited. Receiver is a Sony STR-LV500 (because it was v. cheap at the time!)

I'm considering two chief options.

i) Pick up some 2nd hand DM601s and stands. These would doubtless do well for music, and probably OK for my HT needs. However, it would be difficult to get more than about 1.5m of space between them, so doubtless the stereo imaging would suffer. There is only just going to be room for these at all!

ii) Get a pair of Kef Eggs and a Ruark Vita 50 (currently available at a knock-down price). Because of the small size of the Eggs, I would probably be able to wall-mount them and get them closer to the ideal(?) 30 degree positions. This costs about twice as much as the other option, but should do HT better, and music adequately, I think. My other half will also prefer the aesthetics, I imagine.

5.1 is not really an option at the moment because of the room layout, but is a possibility for future expansion.

Views? Am I barking up the right trees? Or should I be considering other approaches?

Many thanks in advance.

Harry T2

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I think you have answered your own question. Wall mounted would best suit your requirements.

But personally, I do not like the eggs for musical duties (but that is just me). I would be more inclined to explore the idea of traditional stereo speakers that could be wall mounted (ie B&W DM600S3, Dynaudio 42W, or there is a Spendor model as well to name a few). Some of these speakers would require an amp upgrade as well.


Thanks Harry

Yes, I heard the 600s were a bit hungry when it came to amps (3 ohm min). Not sure what the Sony will drive, or how to find out (comments welcome). Also being larger satellites than Eggs, would give me less room to maneouvre with regards to placement. A worthwhile thought, though.

Searching the forum, I see a lot of people have reservations about the Eggs for music, though others are very happy. It's hard to know how much of this is intrinsic to the Eggs, and how much to setup and sub integration.

It's nice to hear I'm thinking along the right lines, anyway.

Any other opinions?
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