Stereo using rear speaker outputs only on sherwood amp?


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I'm looking to upgrade my current set up to 5.1. I already have an old 5.1 (actually 6.1) amplifier - a Sherwood RD8108R, which is currently running Monitor Audio speakers in stereo. These speakers are placed in the rear of the room (opposite to the TV) and I don't want to move either the speakers or TV. So essentially I want to use these speakers as rear surrounds when setting the amp to 5.1, but as the main or only speakers when playing music in stereo. I'm not sure if my amp can be configured easily for this... it has different modes such as matrix, dolby ss etc. but cannot specifically set which speakers to use as stereo only. I have thought about muting the fronts and increasing the volume of the rears whilst playing music, but I wondered if this would affect the quality? Or is there an alternative set up... perhaps by using a speaker switching unit?

Any advice will be much appreciated!


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