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stereo to home cinema tight budget

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers' started by xeon.themax, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. xeon.themax


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    (first of i'm new to this forum so i'm not exactly sure about how things are done around here. You'll probaply also notice my bad englisch, this is due to the fact that i'm from Belgium and i'm 17 years old.)

    Right, my problem is :
    I have a nad T772 amp (six channel), a pair of B&W 804's (matrix series), a mission 7AS1 sub and a philips DVD+RW. As i'm only 17 my budget only reaches to 500€ (+-330 pounds). what I want is a centre speaker and a pair of flourstand speakers.
    So I was thinking about either Wharfdale Diamond 9 CS (190€) + diamond 8.4 (149€*2)/ Mission m3c1 (price: good question) + m74i (199€*2)/ a sale of 2 mission m73i's, 2 m71i's and a m7c1 centre for 499€. prices come from France @ cobrason (www.cobrason.com).
    my question's simple : what's the best chose and are the wharfedale's compatible (6ohms)?
    I know it's best to stay with one brand but B&W is just obscene expensive.



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