Stereo to 5.1, advice please!


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Hi all,

Just bought an Onkyo TX-NR609 to replace my beloved 12 year old Arcam Alpha 7R...

I've had my Mission 734's even longer and they're sounding as good as ever now I've bi-amped them off the 609.

I'd like some advice on partnering the 734's with a suitable centre and rears, as I understand it, the centre being harmonious is imperative, whereas it's less important for the rears.

I began writing a long winded description of my viewing area then figured a picture tells a thousand words...

As you can see, not much space at all for the rears and to make things worse the wall protrudes exactly where I'd want to locate the rear right speaker.

I was thinking of some Mission di-poles such as the M3DS, M7DS or 77DS purely because they are slim and tonally should match the 734's?

Any advice/suggestions for the centre and rears would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance...

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Please could a mod move this thread to the 'Speakers' forum.

Thanks in advance...


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I would say you have the right idea for the rears. It is less important to match fronts to rears soyou could go for other makes of speakers at the back if you wanted. Although if you can find one of the speakers you mention then all the better.
As for the centre, considering your room layout and viewing location I would suggest you probably do not need one. Your fronts are good so can create a good stereo image hence can create a good phantom centre. Having no centre at all is better than having a mismatched one. You are sitting centrally to the TV and with the front speakers equal distance either side of the TV then a centre is not going to add much in terms of tieing the sound to the screen. The money saved could then be put towards a sub!!!!


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Thanks PSM1, your help is greatly appreciated.

Does anyone else have an opinion or suggestion to offer?

I think I'd still like to opt for the centre channel, I've always wanted 'true' surround sound and I think I'd feel it was incomplete if I opted not to...

Good point regarding the sub, I'm still researching that one!


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Problem is I don't believe there was a centre channel model available for the Mission 734. With the front three it's important that you have a tonal match between the front three, the best way to acheive that is to purchase either an identical speaker to your L & R or (the more common option) buy the purpose built model designed by the manufacturer of your L & R as they generally have the same drivers in them.

So a phantom centre is probably the best bet. The 734 have plastic cones or something don't they. I can't think of anything similar these days.

As for a sub you can't go far wrong with BK Electronics search the subwoofer sub! forum.


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