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Urkel Grue

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I am about to make my first stereo speaker purchase, and would highly appreciate some advice.
The biggest doubt I have is in regards to my room, which is relatively large and open, albeit living room area separated by a kitchen counter, which is half the height of the room.

I have attached a rough sketch of the living room-kitchen area. X marks the intended speaker positions.

Would standmounters, such as the B&W 685 S2 suffice?
Or are floorstanders the only option for the room setup I have?

I listen to a variety of music genres, at lower to moderate levels, definitely not loud.

I have acquired the Marantz PM6006 amp, and the speaker candidates I am considering are:

- Dali Ikon 6 Mk2: 4 years old - Baseline cost
- B&W 685 S2 incl. standmounts - New - 90% of baseline cost
- Dali Ikon 5 Mk2: 2 years old - 85% of baseline cost
- Dali Zensor 7 - 2.5 years old - 80% of baseline cost

Other candidates are also welcome.

Looking forward to your advice.


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Is this purely for Music, or will you also watch Movies?

What is your actual Budget?

You have plenty of space, and with a listening distance of 3.5 meters (11.5ft), any of the suggested speakers will do a good job. However, I suspect you will be more satisfied with Floorstanding speakers. Though admittedly we don't know the details of how the speakers will be used.

Best guess on budget, you have between £500 and about £600/pair to spend on speakers. Is that correct?

Then ...again... we must consider how the speakers will be used. For both TV/Movies and Music, I would suggest Floorstanding.

Also, it would help to know what Amp you are using, and what your Source equipment is (CD, Turntable, BluRay, Streaming, other)?

The Dali IKON 6 are famous speakers, and if they are in good shape, that is a worthy choice.

Dali Zensor 7 are also a good choice.

You can get the Monitor Audio Silver 2 or the Silver 100 for near you budget. These are 8" Bookshelf with pretty deep bass ... for a bookshelf -

£500/pr = Monitor Audio Silver 2 - Rosewood -

Monitor Audio Silver 2 Rosenut Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Monitor Audio - AudioVisual Online

£650/pr = Monitor Audio Silver 100 - Walnut -

Monitor Audio Silver 2 Rosenut Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Monitor Audio - AudioVisual Online

Those are a good middle ground between Bookshelf and Floorstanding speakers.

New Floorstanding in roughly the suggested price range -

Tannoy Mercury 7.4 Speakers - Superfi

Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - Superfi

Mission LX-5 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

Wharfedale Diamond 11.4 Speaker

Some of those went a bit over budget.

Of those you listed, the Dali IKON 6 and the Dali Zensor 7 score pretty high. Relatively speaking, the Zensor 7 are one line lower than the IKON which have been replaced by the Opticon Series. But the Zensor 7 still sound pretty good.

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If you’re ok with s/h then I’d suggest some Regas. They have a relatively high sensitivity which will help with dynamic music swings as the amp is not a powerful one.

These are a bargain if they are close or you can arrange transport.
They’ll easily fill a large room and they sound wonderful.

Rega R5 Floorstanding Speakers - Black - | eBay

Or if you want to keep some of your cash and still have very good speakers that won’t stress the amp as much then these are a very good speaker too.


And these as well.

Rega Alya Floor Standing Speakers Oak with Box Floorstanding | eBay

All three are quite small for floorstanders and won’t overwhelm a room with their size, but they still have impressive bass.

Urkel Grue

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Thank you both very much for the advice and recommendations. The Dali Ikon 6 Mk2's are priced at 500£.

The amp I am using is the Marantz PM6006.
I will use the speakers for music and occasionally movies(Dramas, Thrillers, Comedies. Less action, explosions and bass-heavy genres)

I am going to check out the Dali Ikon 5 Mk2 and also the Ikon 6 Mk2 tomorrow.

Would the amp be good enough for either of these speakers?


The Ikon 6, sensitivity 89db, will be slightly easier for the Marantz to drive over the 5s at 87db. At 6 ohm you will get around 50 watts per channel of power. Providing you don't run at very high levels the Marantz will serve you well. There are other floorstanders in your price range that are a little easier the Monitor Audio Bronze 5 is 90db and the QA 3050 is 92db.

Personally I'd go for the Ikon 6 as these speakers will last for years making possible future amp upgrades easy.


I’ve heard the DALI icons 6... in a cafe of all places and they are great speakers. I manoeuvred my chair and table to sit in the middle and asked the manager to whip through a couple of songs I love.

He was happy to do so as he was as enthusiastic as I was and the place was near empty. And I bought a huge sandwich and lots of tea.

I loved them; big, wide and clear sounding too.

But I think the Marantz will be well outclassed by them. It’ll drive them, naturally, but it won’t have the headroom to do them anywhere near justice.

The 6006 has great features but no great power supply. If you can, I’d take it with you to compare to any bigger amp available to see how it stacks up.

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