Stereo Speaker advice for Denon 3805


Looking for some stereo speakers to match my Denon 3805. I am looking to replace some Wharfedale Valdus 300's which are big enough to not need a subwoofer. So I am looking for something else with a good punchy bass or else a recommendation to include the sub.

Centre and rears do not need consideration here they are sorted. Ish. My use is 66% music and 33% home cinema.

Wharfedale 9.1's look cheap at £100 and I would be happy to buy Wharfedale again but are they going to have enough clout? I could pair them with a SW150 at another £195 but that would be the top of my budget I think.

Advice welcome on my Wharfedale musings or any other brand you can recommend at this sort of price point.
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No ideas?

I like the idea of the Wharfedales and they do seem good value, I am a little put off by the vinyl covering. I also noticed Monitor Audio BR1's, seem to get good notices but are nearly twice the price, thoughts on those, or any alternatives?
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